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Growing Wine
Grapes in Michigan
Making Wine
in Michigan
Sales and
Licensing, Regulations
and Taxation
Business Issues

This Wine Industry Resource Guide is designed to place the best available resource materials for winery or vineyard operators, or those interested in such ventures, in one convenient location.

Materials listed on this web site have been approved by the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council for this purpose. As you review the materials and conduct your own investigations into the wine business, the Council would appreciate learning of new or additional materials you have found useful that could be added to the database. Please contact the Council with this information at (800) 292-3939 or by e-mail at

The Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council is a 10-member panel, reporting to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, that supports the growth of the grape and wine industry in Michigan.

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Growing Wine Grapes in Michigan

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The western shore of Michigan’s lower peninsula has been the primary region of commercial wine grape production in the state. There are varieties that are suitable in other regions. Growing high quality grapes for premium wine requires the grower to fully understand the principles of viticulture. 

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Grape Growing Supplies
Site Selection
Vineyard Management
Pest and Disease Management
Making Wine in Michigan 

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Winemaking principles and procedures are less regionally specific than wine grape cultivation.  Therefore, a wide range of global reference materials are applicable to winemaking in Michigan.

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Winemaking Supplies
Winemaking Principles
Laboratory Analysis
Sources of Grapes/Juice
Building Design
Sales and Marketing

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A well-developed marketing plan is essential to any business operation, particularly a winery business. 

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Marketing Plan
Media Relations
Tasting Room Operations
Licensing, Regulations and Taxation

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The wine industry is a particularly challenging business in which to succeed as the operator must learn to conduct business in three sectors, each with its own set of issues and regulations – Agriculture, Tourism and Alcohol Beverage.

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TTB Alcohol and Tobacco
Tax and Trade Bureau
MDA Michigan Department of Agriculture
MLCC Michigan Liquor Control Commission
MDEQ Michigan Department of
Environmental Quality
OSHA Occupational Safety
and Health Administration
Local Government
Other Business Issues

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Several additional areas need to be researched in establishing a successful winery operation. 

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Business Plan
Risk Management
Human Resources
Professional Development
Financial Management

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